Seasons Greetings from CDPI

The CDPI team would like to wish all of our followers, supporters, partners and associate members a merry and enjoyable festive season and a happy new year.

2018 has certainly been an exciting (and defining) year for us. We have seen the proposals to develop 700 flats on Govan Graving Docks, which we have campaigned and lobbied against for several years, decisively refused planning consent by Glasgow City Council. With strong objections noted from SEPA, Historic Environment Scotland, and even Council departments; it has clearly been established that Govan Graving Docks is a wholly unsuitable site for housing development.

Our thanks go out again to everyone who supported the campaign, helped to raise awareness, lodged their own objections to the planning application and joined over 12,000 others in signing the petition calling on Glasgow City Council to support the creation of a maritime heritage park.

We have also seen emerge the possibility that the Govan docks could be brought back into use as a working dry dock facility and continue to watch that space with interest.

A major battle has been won but while the docks remain in the ownership of property speculators there is work still to be done. The owners have advised Govan Community Council they have no intention of selling the docks and we will continue to lobby for a compulsory purchase order. Ideally we would like to see the Govan Docks Regeneration trust take on stewardship of the site in the long term.

We have supported (and continue to provide support to) the development of the Govan Docks Regeneration Trust charity which is now treading its own path in working towards the protection of Govan’s historic dry docks; with a major community consultation on the future of the site and a student architecture competition underway.

On other planning matters we have lodged objection to an application for the next phase of Glasgow Harbour, objection to a proposed housing development at James Watt Dock in Greenock (which we believe could eventually force the industrial facilities there to close, with loss of employment) and a comment supporting (but seeking planning conditions) for the proposed expansion of the SEC.


Other News

We also welcome on board Madadh MacLaine, founder and CEO of Fair Winds Trading Company, who has recently joined our Board of Directors. Madadh has extensive expertise in sail cargo and sustainable shipping technology and was interviewed for the documentary we commissioned on Govan Graving Docks. We are keen to promote the development of sail cargo on the Clyde and Madadh’s expertise will be invaluable.


We have big plans for 2019!

In the new year we will be announcing further details of the Turning The Tide On The Clyde project initiative, which will involve running a series of workshops, to look at how the Clyde could become better connected, utilised and sustainable as a maritime river. We are also developing a range of services tailored to maritime, marine and environmental related businesses, organisations and community groups in the Clyde region – more on this on our website.

More to come in 2019 so be sure to keep up to date with us!


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