Glasgow Harbour Planning Objection

CDPI have submitted an objection to a planning application for the next phase of Glasgow Harbour.

We are not against the idea of some kind of residential and mixed-use development at this site but the opening of the River Kelvin deserves some creativity and imagination that this mundane proposal is severely lacking.

Does the Clyde really need more cinemas, casinos, chain retail and blocks of high rise flats along its banks? Or should we look to other European waterfronts for inspiration of how to create a thriving river quarter?

Our objection will be on the council website soon and you can also download it here if you wish to use as a basis for drafting your own comments to send to the council.

You can find details of the planning application on the Glasgow City Council website.


Reasons for Our Objection


We consider that significant parts of the development plan for this site as proposed are not suitable or appropriate for the location. While we do not object to the proposal in its entirety there are significant aspects we would wish to see subject to significant further planning conditions being imposed (however we are doubtful that the necessary amendments for us to support development of this site can be achieved through further planning conditions and the masterplan for this site must be revised in its entirety). These include: …..


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