Govan Graving Docks: Response to Proposal of Application Notice from Jim McColl

CDPI is delighted to welcome this exciting announcement from Jim McColl to bring the Govan Graving Docks back into use as a working shipyard. We fully support the proposal and we are delighted that we are not alone in envisioning a better future for the Docks.

This exciting new development will, if approved, provide a strong physical statement of the goals of CDPI that whatever is done with Govan Graving Docks, the site must be kept and used in a way that would allow it to meet any future demand for a working dry dock facility should such arise.

This is a tremendous opportunity that will bring significant investment back into the Govan area. If this proposal goes ahead we can be assured that Govan Graving Docks will, for the first time in decades, be in safe hands. They will be in the responsible stewardship of a globally respected Scottish firm with a proven track record that already has strong ties to Clyde industry.

Historic Environment Scotland have stated that the best use for an historic building is the purpose for which it was originally designed. The Govan dry docks could be about to return to their original purpose and that is huge. We will see the docks drained and ships going in and out once more.

We will now be able to see ship repair work coming back to Govan for the first time in decades, with modern apprenticeships and quality, skilled jobs being created for the long-term. We just have to look at how Ferguson Marine’s operations have been transformed in Port Glasgow to see what is now on offer for Govan to save the docks.

For a dry dock site, derelict for so long to be brought back into use in this way, will be a UK first. Govan will be making history for Glasgow and Scotland.

With plans to include a maritime museum and other public and business space on part of the site this presents opportunities for the community, tourism, education and social enterprises alongside a centre for modern maritime industry. We eagerly look forward to seeing how this proposal unfolds and CDPI would welcome the opportunity to work alongside Ferguson Marine and their project team.

Alongside Malin Group’s announced Marine Technology Hub in West Dunbartonshire and of course Ferguson Marine’s recent launch of the first of a new generation of ferries, there is every reason to believe we are on the cusp of a new golden era of maritime industry on the Clyde. Exciting times lie ahead.

We encourage the whole of Govan, Glasgow and the Clyde region to unite behind this proposal and begin an exciting new chapter in the story of the Govan Graving Docks.


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