What Will Happen?

Govan Graving Docks pump house

What will happen if New City Vision are granted planning consent for Govan Graving Docks?

  • The proposals for up 750 flats may go ahead on the site
  • NCV would be able to use the increased land value as collateral to borrow money for other developments without doing anything on the docks
  • NCV would be able to sell the site to another developer with a boosted land value
  • If the housing plans go ahead it will be virtually impossible for the dry docks to ever be used as dry docks again
  • The people buying flats in the development, not the established community in Govan, will decide what activity happens elsewhere on the site around and in the docks
  • The landscape and skyline of Govan and the Clyde would be permanently changed
  • Residents in the development will be liable for the costs of maintaining the quay walls and A-listed structures (see this example further up river)
  • It will be clear that Glasgow has virtually abandoned its maritime heritage


What could happen afterwards in the future if NCV housing plans go ahead

  • Dry docks could be filled in and landscaped if for example residents in the development demand this
  • Parts of the site that are kept as public space in the current plans could be built on later with more blocks of flats when people feel the site is already lost and so it’s ‘too late’ to stop anything
  • The listed building status of the docks could in theory be removed to cut costs of long term maintenance and/or avoid holding up further development of the site
  • Retail units could struggle to get tenants as has happened with similar developments such as Leeds Clarence Dock
  • Retail units in the development could take customers away from established businesses on Govan Road and at Govan Cross – especially if let to major chains supermarkets or fast food outlets
  • Any social housing included in the development as a condition of planning consents could eventually be sold to owner occupiers or buy-to-let landlords


What will happen if New City Vision are refused planning consent?

  • The future of the docks will be wide open for debate
  • There will be opportunity to look at wider options and more suitable uses for the site, not just housing and “public realm”
  • A much wider and diverse conversation about the future of not only this but other historic dockland sites throughout the country will be needed
  • The docks could still be brought back to life as working dry docks or as a maritime industrial site in other ways e.g. for seafarer training, education, etc
  • The practice of using historic docks as a feature to enhance the status and value of high-end residential developments (that bring no benefit to established communities) will have serious question marks over it
  • The future of the site will be able to address the real needs of Govan and the Clyde



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