Graving Docks Planning Application

As announced in the Evening Times and Glasgow Live this weekend, New City Vision have now submitted their planning application to build up to 750 homes, offices and an hotel on Govan’s A-listed historic graving docks.

We thought we would take a look at New City Vision’s track record of delivering residential developments in Glasgow:

First up we found some interesting information about their development at Drumchapel in Glasgow. This is from a Glasgow City Council Sustainable Spatial Strategy Report. The report is not dated but the latest retrospective date mentioned in it is spring 2013:

LDF Area Profiles
In 2005 the Council commenced the New Neighbourhood initiative in Drumchapel. This involved a land deal with New City Vision in order to build 1500 private homes throughout the vacant land in the area. However, to date [2013?] less than 100 units have been delivered on only part of the first of 8 sites.

As recently as June last year Drumchapel Community Council were clearly still unsatisfied with the progress of the development:
Cllr. Carey went on to advise that New City Vision had been requesting to
meet with him however he felt it was more appropriate that they met with
the residents of the homes they had built. (This affects housing in the
Inchfad Area). A member suggested that the company had done some work
however it was by no means completed and it was her understanding that
they planned to start work elsewhere. It was felt that the work should be
completed prior to moving elsewhere to start building. It was also
suggested that there was a number of railings left at the edge of the road.
This information was taken by Cllr. Carey who agreed to arrange for it to be
uplifted. (May 2015)

Discussion took place around the unused buildings in the area and the unkempt land,
where previous building had been demolished. This raised a lot of concern and upset
form members who felt they had no control over the situation. Cllr. Carey advised that
not all the land is owned by the council therefore they cannot go on the land, to maintain
it. He also advised that he would seek to have empty buildings demolished if not being
used. This led to greater discussion around the reduced service now in place through
Land and Environmental Services.
City Vision [sic] was identified as a company who had a number of sites within Drumchapel
and who were at times difficult to engage. It would appear that some members had
personal experience of being ignored by the company, in relation to their issues.
It was proposed that despite these experiences, the community council write to City
Vision and ask them to tackle the issues identified on their land. (June 2016)

Next up we will post about the development of the former Gartloch Hospital site.

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